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    Default Frequently Asked Questions [Tutorials]

    F . A . Q
    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I use the spoiler tag?
    Spoiler :  

    2. How to upload an image in a post without showing thumbnails?
    Spoiler :  

    3. How to add a youtube video?
    Spoiler :  

    4. How to change the font, text color, text size.
    Spoiler :  

    5. How to put smileys on your post
    Spoiler :  

    6. How to add a link
    Spoiler :  

    7. How to add an attachment
    Spoiler :  

    8. How to indent your text
    Spoiler :  

    9. How to get an email notification when someone replied to your post or thread
    Spoiler :  

    10. How to ignore/unignore users in the Shoutbox
    Spoiler :  

    More FAQ will be added soon.
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    Default Name Colors Guide

    Credit goes to ShadowsLiyte

    This thread shows each possible name color, as well as how to obtain that color for yourself. If you're reading this please feel free to link it to new users, considering the question comes up all of the time.


    Gray (Junior Member): Users with the gray name color are new users who have been with OtakuStreamers for under one month or have not posted at least 30 posts in the forums.

    Orange (OS Regular): Orange represents users who have been with OtakuStreamers for at least a month AND have posted a minimum of 30 posts in the forums.
    NOTE: Posts in forum games and the corner do not count to your post count.

    Purple (OS Citizen): Purple represents users who have been with OtakuStreamers for at least three months and have a minimum of 200 posts in the forums.

    Blue (Donators): They can be colored like "This" (VIP) "This" (VVIP), "This" (Ultra VIP), and This (OS Sponsor). These are the people who run the site behind the scenes. they donate money to pay for all of the services needed to run OtakuStreamers.


    Green (Moderator): Green represents the moderators. They enforce the rules on Otakustreamers and have the right to delete posts and ban users (temporarily or permanently, depending on the offense). There are many types of moderators, including:
    -Forum Moderators: All-around moderators. Have power over the forums, chatbox, shoutbox and video comments,
    -Chat Moderator: Have power over the chatbox and shoutbox,
    NOTE: Inside of the chatbox chat moderators appear bold-purple.

    LightSeaGreen (Super Moderator): Light Sea Green represents the super moderators. They enforce the rules on Otakustreamers and have the right to delete posts and ban users (temporarily or permanently, depending on the offense).
    -Super Moderator: Russj and CloverLeaf are currently the super moderators.They help out junior moderators when dealing with unruly users.

    Beige/Peach (Anime/Video Moderator): There are two types of video moderators:
    -Anime Moderator(s): Closer to a support administrator than a moderator, the anime moderator replaces broken videos and assists in uploading anime,
    -Video Moderator(s): Check if reports on broken videos are valid (whether or not the video is actually broken).
    NOTE: All moderators have power over the shoutbox.

    Dark Yellow(?) (OS Tech Support): OtakuStreamers Tech Support is someone appointed to help site problems on your end (problems that may be caused by your settings, location, connection, etc).
    -Frequently Asked Questions:

    Yellow (Uploaders): They provide you with your anime. They convert the videos into a format that can be viewed by all audiences, then upload them to the administrators via MegaUpload. The videos are then uploaded to the site. Anyone can be an uploader, whether short-term or long-term. All you have to do is find the forum (link below) on how to convert the videos, then upload em' for the admins.
    NOTE: As of November 21, 2010, all uploaders must upload the entire series they have started or a minimum of 12 videos to gain their uploader status. To permanently remain an uploader, they must upload at least 100 videos. Those who do not will be changed to inactive status after one month of inactivity.
    -How to upload:

    Yellow-Green (Inactive Uploader): Inactive uploaders are uploaders who fail to upload at least one video per month. Reasons for this vary. For example, the user could have gotten tired of converting videos (it takes a long time and a lot of RAM), or maybe there was just one show the user wanted to share that wasn't already on the site. This title is no reason for disrespect. After all, the user still helped the site by adding even more titles to OtakuStreamers' ever-growing collection of anime.
    NOTE: As of November 21, 2010, all uloaders who have not uploaded a minimum of 100 videos will be switched to inactive uploader status after one month of inactivity.

    Pink (Support Admin): The only support administrator is Bindu1000. As the name implies, she supports the administrators of OtakuStreamers. Some of the things the support admin does include uploading videos (including those that other uploaders have dropped or given up on), making announcements, and also assisting as a moderator.

    And, of course,

    Red (Administrator): These are the founders of OS. With the help of the support admin, uploaders, moderators and of course donators, they run the site. They assist in uploading and moderating, as well as fixing site problems such as video issues or glitches in the site.


    Not all of the colors are completely accurate, but all are as close as I could get them using an HTML hex chart.

    If a new name color appears and this thread is not updated, please contact me so I can add it. If possible, please give a description of what the new position does, as well as any privileges they may have.

    If you are a staff member (Moderator, Uploader, Administrator, etc) and consider one or more of the above descriptions to be inaccurate, please notify me and give a modified description.


    Spoiler for Quote from Avich [Administrator]

    In other words: By going to your User Control Panel (User CP) and selecting "Permission Groups" under "Settings", you may change between your current titles. For example, if you are an OS Citizen and an Uploader, you may switch between either the purple or the yellow nametag.

    Spoiler for Quote from Evil105

    Thanks to CloverLeaf (Fepi), Jbluey (Jim), Bindu1000 (K), Avich (Chiva), Pikel, and Evil105 for additional information.
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    Default Customizing your profile

    Credit goes to xuei0000


    RED encircles are the ones you should click or refer to.
    GREEN boxes is the area where the RED encircles are located.
    VIOLET are links.

    1. FIRST, go to this site, and LOG IN.
    Spoiler :  

    2. AFTER logging in, the Home Page of OS should appear. THEN, click the My Profile found on the upper right of your screen.
    Spoiler :  

    3. AFTER clicking My Profile, your profile page should appear. Then click the button Customize My Profile to start editing your profile.

    4. AFTER click the Customize My Profile button, a pop-up should appear in your screen where you can customize and save your profile. ~POP-UP FOR THE CUSTOMIZE MY PROFILE. CLICK FOR THE LINK.~


    NOTE: Click on the small boxes to edit the settings


    Font Family - types of fonts to be displayed on your profile.
    Text Title Color - the color of the font of this area. ~CLICK TO VIEW A SAMPLE~
    Page Background - the background of you profile page. You can use either plain color or URL.
    Page Link Color ~CLICK TO VIEW A SAMPLE~


    Module Text Color (1) - this is the color of the text in your tab that are currently in used.
    Module Background (3)


    Inactive Module Text Color - this is the color of the text in your tabs that are not in-used or in standby.

    PHOTO (A)

    Inactive Module Link Color - the color of the text in this areas.


    Inactive Module Link Background - the background of the area in the photo below. You can use either plain colors or URL. The highlighted area is not included.
    Spoiler :  

    Inactive Module Border - the color of the borders in your profile.


    Button Text Color, Button Background and Button Border - the color of the text, background and border of the buttons on your profile. ~CLICK TO VIEW A SAMPLE~


    Content Text Color - the color of the text in the visitors' message. In the link, it is colored in green. ~CLICK TO VIEW A SAMPLE~

    Content Link Color - the color of the link in this area.
    Spoiler :  

    Content Background - the background color of this area. You can use either plain colors or URL. In this sample, it is a grunge image.
    Spoiler :  

    Content Border - the border color in the visitors' message area. In the link, it is colored in white. ~CLICK TO VIEW A SAMPLE~


    Header Text Color - the color of the date and time in the visitors' message. Refer in Link (A). In the link, it is colored in pink.

    Header Link Color - the color of the link View Conversation and Report. Refer in Link (A). In the link, it is colored in light blue.

    Header Background - the background of the header of the visitors' message. Refer in Link (A). In the link, the background is black with colored rings in its left side.

    Header Border - the border of the header. Refer in Link (A). In the link, the border is transparent.

    LINK (A)

    5. LASTLY, after editing your profile, click the SAVE button.


    REVERT - this button restores your previous setting in your profile while you are still editing.
    DEFAULT - this button restores the original setting of your profile, with no designs.

    If there are any corrections, please PM me. THANK YOU~
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    Default Useful Searching Tips


    In this thread, I am going to give (for the benefit of doubt) a detailed tutorial on searching animes in OS. It is fairly simple, and once you master this simple tricks, you can search whatever you want!
    (click on the images for a clearer version)

    Finding an anime

    This is the simplest method on finding an anime in OS, making use of the magical CTRL+F button. Simply head down to the streaming list by pressing the tab for Streaming>Anime,
    hold the CTRL button on your keyboard and press the "F" key whilst holding down the CTRL. A window will appear in your internet browser, and simply type in the anime which you want to find. Keep pressing enter or "Find Next" until the browser has highlighted the correct anime series or link.

    • Take note, many anime titles have alternate titles. For example, "The World God Only Knows" is also known as "Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai".
      • An advice that you can adopt is typing in certain keywords found in the anime title. Allow me to elaborate: If you want to find "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi", you'll find that there will be no results. This is a result of the alternate titles that I've been talking about before.
      • However, the most straightforward way to search this anime is by searching "Suzumiya" or "Haruhi" or both.
      • Another example is "Detective Conan". You won't find it by searching, but just type "Conan" (I mean, there are not many anime that has Conan, in it right?) Surprise! The anime is "Meitantei Conan"

    • If by chance you do not know the alternate title, you can visit Anime News Network and search by typing in the title that you know. Try to find a link that has the word "(TV)" in it. Please see the pictures below.

    (credit: evil105)

    • Also, you can use the search function of OS if "CTRL+F" doesn't work (which probably because the title is in Japanese), OS will automatically search their alternate titles too in the search results.

    (credit: avich)

    Finding a genre

    Ok, let us say you want to watch any random anime that has romance in it

    "Ohh Ohh! How about ecchi?! =D"

    Yes you can, random pink guy

    Follow these steps.

    First, head down to the anime/drama streaming list. For this example, I'll be using the anime streaming list.

    click on "Show Options" found on the right side of the search button.

    The menu will expand like seen below.

    "Wow!! I didn't know you could do that!"

    Well know you know, random pink guy

    The "Type" dropdown will look like this. Here, you can select the type of video that you want to search for, be it an anime, drama or the sorts.

    From there, check the boxes of the genre(s) that you want. For now, let us go with "romance".

    "Aww, I want the ecchi! GIMME THE ECCHI~!"

    *sigh* Ok....Romance and ecchi
    "Yaaay!! =D"

    So anyway, once you're done checking the genre tags, submit an empty search; that is, in the long search rectangle, do not enter anything. Like this,

    By checking the genre that you want, it should bring you to a page with anime that has the selected genres. Also, by using "Sort by" options, you can sort the results accordingly.

    Finding a Recently Updated Series

    (credit: tambulance)

    If you want to watch an anime that newly updated, at the home page of OS, on the left hand side, there is the recent updates column. There, any updated series will be featured for quick links.

    Or, head down to the same Streaming tab, and click on "Recent Updates" instead.

    Finding Duplicate Threads
    Here is an extra bit of information on searching the forums. When creating a thread, remember that you'll have to check the forums for a possible duplicate thread. This is to lessen the confusion and perhaps the hard work of moderators trying to clean the forums up.

    (credit: CloverLeaf)
    Sometimes, instead of using the Advanced Search for checking if there's already an existing thread about a certain topic and for finding old threads, you can simply scan the forum archives to make things easier. Just click the Archive button on the lower right part of the page

    and it will direct you to this page. Click the forum section that you want to scan and it will show you the list of all the threads on that section. Use CTRL+F to find the thread.

    "Wow! Thank you dab117!"

    You're welcome, random pink guy

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    Default How to Post A Poll

    Okay I know it may seem like the most simplistic thing to do but for around 4 months I have been trying to figure out how to make a Poll, though I have only just discovered how to do so.It's funny how the easiest thing can be so hard to find.

    Many people I know have had difficulty when attempting to make a Poll and there has been no sight of it within the Frequently Asked Questions[Tutorials] so here I bring you a "How to Post a Poll" tutorial.

    Making A Poll

    Firstly, you do the usual. Hop into "The Poll Vault" and when your mind presents you with an idea feel free to click: "Post New Thread"

    Spoiler :  

    Additional Options:

    Once your page has loaded scroll down to where you are given the "Additional Options" where you will see the choice to "Post a Poll"

    Check on the little box shown and insert the amount of options you would like your Poll to have.

    Spoiler :  

    Once the details have been filled in proceed by clicking:

    Spoiler :  

    Filling in the details required:

    Spoiler :  

    Now we are at the final stage of making your own Poll. Simply fill in the basic details of your Poll such as it's name and the options you would like to offer.

    Note: Under "Miscellaneous Options" you are free to choose whether to allow members to vote for various options ("Allow Multiple Choice" - as shown in the spoiler) and whether or not you would like to allow members to view who has voted. ("Make Votes Public"). This is entirely up to you.


    Once completed click on "Submit New Poll" and you are done.

    I hope this was useful to you.

    Thank You Arathius for helping with this thread.

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