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Golden Kamuy 3rd Season
Third season of Golden Kamuy.
8 215 2020-10-26
Ochikobore Fruit Tart
Fourth dormitory of the Rat Production (commonly known as Nezumi-sou)—the place where dropout idol girls live: the former child actor Sekino Roko, musician Nukui Hayu, and model Maehara Nina. Sakura Ino, who always dreamed of becoming an idol, moves in....
0 89 2020-10-26
Ninja Collection
Set in modern-day Tokyo where dreams and desires are afloat, a group of ninjas called 'Toukeshuu' is set to stop the spread of 'darkness' that prevails in the world using ancient techniques passed down through generations.
3 502 2020-10-26
Yuukoku no Moriarty
In the late 19th century, the British Empire has become a global power. Due to the strict class stratification, the average citizen has little chance of successfully rising up to the top, where the despicable nobility rules over them all.

William J...
9.5 252 2020-10-26
The anime centers on four girls at the full bloom of their youth, working hard to achieve their dreams as they struggle valiantly. In Japanese entertainment, Maesetsu! refers to an introductory talk or explanation addressed to the audience before the broa...
0 61 2020-10-26
IDOLiSH7: Second Beat!
Second season of IDOLiSH7.
0 100 2020-10-25
Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko
Ryouma Takebayashi dies in his sleep at the age of 39 after leading a life of misfortune. Taking pity on him, three deities offer him the chance to reincarnate in a world of magic where he has only one mission: to be himself and enjoy life. They bestow up...
8.86 1162 2020-10-25
Munou na Nana
It is the year 20XX. Earth was assaulted by monsters that would come to be known as 'the Enemy of Humanity.' In order to deal with this threat, special schools composed of teenagers with extraordinary abilities were formed. These people, who came to be kn...
5 470 2020-10-25
Digimon Adventure (2020)
The new anime will take place in 2020 and will feature an all-new story centering on Taichi Yagami when he is in his fifth year in elementary school. His partner is Agumon. The story begins in Tokyo when a large-scale network malfunction occurs. Taichi is...
9 1614 2020-10-25
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
The life of the shinobi is beginning to change. Boruto Uzumaki, son of Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, has enrolled in the Ninja Academy to learn the ways of the ninja. Now, as a series of mysterious events unfolds, Boruto’s story is about to begin!
8.87 205495 2020-10-25
One Piece
It was a time when pirates ruled the seas. Several bands of pirates were battling over the great hidden treasure, One Piece, which was left by the now legendary pirate captain, Gold Roger. There was a young boy who admired the pirates, his name was Monkey...
9.78 5422284 2020-10-25
Major 2nd (TV) 2nd Season
Second season of Major 2nd.
9.33 1669 2020-10-25
Meitantei Conan
Detective Conan is about an elementary school boy named Conan Edogawa. He solves mysteries and crimes through reasoning, logic, the help of his friends and some nifty gadgets provided by Professor Agasa. But Conan is not really an elementary school boy: i...
9.76 1345527 2020-10-25
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen
Shiba Miyuki's classmate Kitayama Shizuku is on her way to study abroad. For magicians, this is normally impossible, since allowing the genes of someone who can use magic outside their home country's borders is tantamount to giving up national secrets. Bu...
9.67 1231 2020-10-25
Majo no Tabitabi
Once upon a time, there was a witch named Elaina, who set off on a journey across the world. Along the way, she would meet all kinds of people, from a country full of witches to a giant in love with his own muscles—but with each meeting, Elaina would be...
9.67 500 2020-10-24
Adachi to Shimamura
The second floor of the gym―this was where we always met. It was class time, but of course, there weren't any classes going on in a place like this.

This was where Shimamura and I became friends. We hung out here―talking about TV shows and cook...
0 114 2020-10-24
Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi
The daughters of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha set out on a journey transcending time!

In Feudal Japan, Half-Demon twins Towa and Setsuna are separated from each other during a forest fire. While desperately searching for her younger sister, Towa wander...
8.75 398 2020-10-24
Assault Lily: Bouquet
In the near future, humanity faces imminent destruction from mysterious creatures known as 'Huge.' The world wages war against the Huge, and develops the anti-weapon 'CHARM' (Counter Huge Arms) by combining science and magic. CHARM works more effectively ...
7.5 291 2020-10-24
Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle - Rhyme Anima
In a world where women now dominate the government, the creation and use of weapons is strictly forbidden. However, by no means has conflict been brought to an end; instead of weapons, war is waged through words. With the power of the 'Hypnosis Mic,' lyri...
0 143 2020-10-24
D4DJ: First Mix
A new media mix project by Bushiroad.
0 0 2020-10-24