Hello there~ I'm SHyuHaruNa and I'm a former member here from year 2010's(?) to 2013. I got busy on life and everything so didn't have enough time for anime and other stuff but I'm back again with a new account and I miss having a dedicated community especially this website because this site holds a special place in my heart.... and I feel alone xD

Anyways, I'm a fan of many titles/series. I'm a fan of so many anime titles and games. I love Animal Crossing new leaf for the 3DS and Monster Hunter games on 3DS and PS4 and yeah, I love my PS4 especially my JRPGs there :) (and the 3ds as well)

I'm not really into mobile gaming but I often play Makai Wars (disgaea mobile), Dragon Nest mobile, Granblue Fantasy and Idolmaster. (Some casual and indie games included, ie: MilkChoco, Pubg M) --- Hey I don't play this games a lot so don't expect something from me on these mobile games xD

Anyways, that's all! Also we can talk about Utaite and digital illustrations because I'm also doing that and I want to learn more :) Hope we all get along!

PS: If you're from the Philippines then message me, I want to be friends with you in person :)