A train is passing by
Where it goes no one knows
Where it came cant be sure
But its passing by

Sometimes its long
Sometimes its short
But it does the same
It passes by

As I wait for it to pass
It stops me at its track
How long I wait or have waited
For it to pass by

Waiting for it to pass
The train doesnt seem to end
Perhaps its better to stop waiting
Waiting for it to pass by

Sometimes I look at the tracks
Of a train bound to come
I close my eyes
It will pass by

I hear the rumbling
As the ground shakes with anticipation
Waiting on a finale
Waiting for the train to pass by

When I open my eyes
I realize that Ive been dreaming
Dreaming of standing on the tracks
While waiting for it to pass by

I know that the train will pass
And maybe it wont
But the train isnt stopping
Its passing by

As I walk with tracks in my way
I know a train is bound to come
Will it slow and stop
Or will it pass by

I wonder how it feels
To be in the train
Of the tracks
Thats passing by

But in the end
These trains that im not in
Will come and eventually
Pass by.