How to Change Server using your Desktop
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    Default How to Change Server using your Desktop

    Hi guys! Here's a quick guide on how to change servers when streaming using your desktop or laptop:

    1. One can see the selection in all videos here in OS below the uploader's name. See the screenshot below:

    2. Clicking the arrow below will direct you to the streaming servers selection:

    3. Choose the server which is closest to your location. Or choose MAIN SERVER if the one closest to you is not working.

    I chose Tokyo as it's the closest to my country.

    4. Just hit the play button and you're done. :D

    Important notes:

    1. The speed of each servers depends on your location. What's fast on my end may not be fast for you. It's best to try each first before reporting.

    2. If the closest server to your country is slow, it maybe due to the traffic or usage of the specific server. You can choose another server suitable to your needs or faster than the one closest to you.

    3. If all servers are not working, that may not be a streaming server issue. It's best to contact or notify a staff member through SB.

    That's pretty much it. Thanks for reading! :)

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    thank you for tip @dudette09

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