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I Don't Own My Cats, They Own Me

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So, I just finished watching the Oscar Awards on the telly and let me tell you, it was brilliant!!! I love movies!!!! I love movies so much because it's one of the few things that can totally transport me from my shitty world to another. It takes my mind of the rubbish I go through, even if just for a couple of hours.
So, there I am, watching the Awards, surrounded by my 8 cats. Now I love my cats and I let them get away with the worst but tonight was unacceptable. I live on my own, 2 b/room, living room, kitchen and a spacious bathroom all of which they have access to but from the time I sit on my couch is also the time they decide to lounge out, on the same couch, as well.


Really though, I'm trying to watch, what is seen as the biggest night in Hollywood and I've got 4 cats to my left, 2 cats on my right, one behind me and the other on my lap *sighs in frustrations* OMG!!!! I can't even lean back!!!! I mean, if it was the only place they lounge but NO!!!! There's the love seat, the single seat, the floor. Give me a break!!!
I decided to wage a war with the cats to reclaim my couch, totally forgetting that I don't own my cats, they own me. Unfortunately for me nothing came out of it and I watched the rest of the program in a most uncomfortable state. Ah well!!!


  1. Fenris's Avatar
    ha, thats why i assert my dominance over animals, they don't think like a person, so i don't treat them as such.
  2. Hotaru's Avatar
    :0 How could I treat them less than...I live with them....I sleep with them