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hikari izumi

just can't afford it

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i know that a buch of people are trying to pass laws to stop us watching anime for free and to be honest i do see their point but i don't think that it's fair to punish people for being poor not all of us are criminals trying to get rich off doing something illegal most of us just can't afford the princes they are charging for anime manga and even music. in my town in the uk one anime dvd can cost fifteen pounds or more (i have seen some for over thirty pounds im seriously not joking)and one manga can cost over eight pounds im not trying to be a bitch but i simply can't afford that me and my family have alot of problems (who doesn't)and we can barely afford food and rent let alone the newest anime believe me i would love to buy anime every week or month but i in no way can afford that and i don't think i have the right to stamp my feet and act like a brat in order to get an anime my family can't afford.

believe me i know anime and manga creators need to make money and i truly respect them for all their hard work i appreciate it from the bottom of my heart because anime has been a huge part of my life ever since i was a little girl and i hope that it will always be a huge part of my life but i simply can't afford to get all the manga and anime i would like because like millions of others i am struggling to get through every day.


  1. Paperroses's Avatar
    I'm sure it doesn't help that most manga and anime don't even get legally sold outside of Japan. The industries just have the heads up their a*ses, instead of creating a way for us to enjoy their products without having to got the long way around to get them. I'm sure most respectable artists don't support the way the industry works either.

    It's too bad, but for nao we'll all have to work around it. I think you should still try to support your favorite artists whenever you can, but don't stress it if you can't. The world is working against all of us anyways.

    i agree it's not that we don't want them to make a living it's just that we have to make difficult decisions like keeping a roof over our head so we can't all just buy a bunch of dvd's or mangas when ever i want to believe me i don't know anyone who wouldn't love to go on a spending spree but who do you know can afford that ? i love manga and anime if has been a huge part of my life and i wouldn't give it up for the world but i in no way am going to let myself be s#rewed over when it comes to prices
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  2. yueniese's Avatar
    I'm agree about what you say.."Just can't afford it"...people should understand other's life how critical condition their are.....they should consider it again....all artists manga and anime don't sell their products only for money.....it's also they want their handworking and hardworking all these years to be appreciated.....
  3. hikari izumi's Avatar
    what are we supposed to do ? eat and keep a roof over our heads (im not kidding when i say this my family is very broke and in alot of debt so i really do mean keep a roof over my head) i really do want to help anime and manga creators by buying their products but i simply cannot afford to the only thing i have been able to get recently was a bleach dvd and that was only because it was five pounds (seriously cheap for something like that here since bleach is so popular)