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xvemin we go again.

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i've been finishing this project my tita gave to me. it's a project of her friend's son , it's a flipbook. well i'ts almost finished.just a little details and color and horrah it's finished.

the problem is.. i had a hard time doing this because my lightbox had a problem, the bulb(extensions) didn't make it. i had to fix it ( and time consuming) , unfortunately i was electrified while i was fixing the fuse, and had a cut on my fingers.
was it really worth it. i know i'll be paid for this , but (le sigh). I guess you'll find this post , a rant of my problems.

fortunately i found a food which is my weakness by the way , it's Loaker's choco and noisette. it fueled my hunger and i guess it's worth it haha

had to finish this project now so i can sleep. haha goodnight