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Pen Name Zen Naari

Creativity Rush #4 - The Novelist 2

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I was approached by a friend today, asking me for help.

To be honest, he wasn't a friend to me. He was just another human committing another grave mistake.

He was led astray by lust. He slept with a girl and was caught. Her parents were deeply angered. They were those kind of parents. His life was in the point of danger.

He boldly came to me and asked for help. A place to stay, a gentle prayer.

I would not pray for one who does not pray at all.

This man deserves punishment, not a second chance. Not only has he commited a mistake of adultery, he came to me for help.

This is the only prayer I can give him.

"The sinner that asked me for help has angered many souls should must be punished according to the following. Tommorow morning his hiding place will be found and the people whose souls were angered because of the sinner's actions will thrash the place down. At that time, the sinner is anywhere except that hiding place. On his way home, he will barely survive a car accident however the car will hit his foot and while running he will hit his head on the nearby traffic post. These are to prove him guilty and knock a sense into him that he is out of luck. He will not realize himself walking underneath a stood ladder, crossing paths with a black cat and all the pigeons that once soared the sky looks like black crows to him. After he discovers his hiding place to be completely ravaged and burned, the cloudless sky will rain. The sinner will run. He will run without knowing where he is going. He will bump into the father of the woman he slept with. The father was prepared with brass knuckles and as soon as he saw the sinner, he will beat him a beating he will never forget. He will turn into the woman's family's slave without a given home, without food or water. He will never see the woman again. But no matter how much he wishes for death, he will die only because of his old age. He will for long be the slave of that family, constantly being beaten, whipped, stabbed. The family will feed him with soap and ammonia. But he will only die on the appointed day of age when he is supposed to die. The sinner will live tommorow, carrying the burden of guilt, his family's shame and his own. He will forget everything that ever gave him hope. His whole world consists only of despair the very moment he was beaten by the father. But until then, his fate in the afterlife is still in his hands. He has the freedom to believe therefore our Creator will judge him according to his actions and thoughts while living this life I set for him. And may all this happen according to the will of God."

This is the prayer that I, The Novelist, written down on The Novel with The Pen.

The weather news forecasted clear skies but following rain for tommorow.


  1. Capone3830's Avatar
    I see, Highly religious and cruel main character

    Still you could introduce new things on the novel for the story. Or something with the pen. For example everytime he uses the novel he shortens his own lifetime, or introducing more than one "novel"

    You got a really nice basic story there, just gotta fill it out with some more details and it will be awesome