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Oh noes ._.
Next school year I'll be fourth year HS!! still, I don't know what course I should take T_T

Recently I've been thinking IF I should take Architecture or Engineering.

Yes, I can draw, But I'm not gonna say I'm PRO. Cause I'm not that good.
And If I fail as an architect.....

I don't want to be a draftsman -_- Which literally means I'll get low salary O_O
BUT, If I become a successful architect, I'll be successful in my career.

About engineering I'm not that good in Mathematics in fact I almost failed my Algebra exam -_-

So that means If I can't do math I'll be a worthless engineer.
But If I do good in my college years I might become a good engineer. And be successful.

So guys, what'd you think I should take?

BTW, Heres my recent work.

And my current OS signature :)



  1. ZenNaari's Avatar
    That's so like you... in fact... I read that as cancer...

    Dude... take computer science with me!
  2. jzero99's Avatar
    D: im also having trouble choosing what i should pick
    its either Graphic Designs or Architecture..
    And theres no way i'd pick engineering o.o math is annoying and i dunt want to do hard physical work =/
  3. CythilVen's Avatar
    Computer Science?
    @jzero yeah I don't like physical work either.