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Xiety's Pink Diary

みなさん、こん «ã¡ã¯ !!
Xiety desu

これは私のブãƒ*ã‚ °ã§ã™ç§ã¯ã€ã‚„っ㠁Ÿè¦‹ç*‰ã™ã¹ã¦ã®ã‚ のがあった。こ㠓にすべて掲載さ ‚Œã‚‹äºˆå®šã€‚
してくã*さい私だ書くブãƒ*ã‚°ã‚’èª*ã ‚“ã§æ¥½ã—ã‚“ã§ã€ç§ ã¯ã‚³ãƒ¡ãƒ³ãƒˆã‚’オ㠃¼ãƒ—ン^ ^をよ

(This is my blog were all the things I've done, watched and etc.. will be posted here as in everything.
Please enjoy reading the blogs I write and I'm open for comments ^^)

炎上 !!

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