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Pen Name Zen Naari

Celty Struluson + Cloud Strife's Bike + Random 3D ruined city...

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Yeah, I made this picture myself... Kinda proud of it... but yeah, I can see people say stuff about it... but hey, what do you think?


  1. mlcdl's Avatar
    nice theme but the bike seems to be a bit rough when it comes to drawing terms...or it is just me.
  2. Snoozy19's Avatar
    Nah, I find the bike's edges rough too unlike Celty's.
    I like it but you could have added like some shade of brown over Celty from the dark-ish atmosphere of the BG.
    I take it that this is a simple rendering. Keep up your progress of gaining your PS skills... oh yeah, remember to download brushes to make much kooler designs.