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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II
Katsuragi is back, and together with Elsie the hunt for loose souls continues on. This time however, they are joined by Elsie's friend and fellow Demon, Haqua.
9.68 65573 2011-06-27
Love Hina Haru Special: Kimi Sakura Chiru Nakare!!
The tests have come, and Keitaro can only hope to succeed. However, in the final stretch, he fails miserably and daydreams through the test. Assuming that he has failed, he runs away, so the rest of the cast hunts him down on a remote desert island to bri...
8.51 2072 2009-03-20
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
* Based on a manga series written and illustrated by Wakaki Tamiki, serialised in Weekly Shounen Sunday.Katsuragi Keima, a second-year high school student, is an avid dating sim gamer. He is known on the Internet as The Capturing God for his legendary ski...
9.55 95211 2010-12-22
Hidan no Aria
The story takes place in Tokyo Butei High School, a special school where armed detectives — "Butei" — are trained to use weapons. Kinji Tooyama is a second-year-student who has a special ability, but he keeps it a secret to maintain an ordin...
9.27 68517 2011-07-02
Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S
he new series will again focus on Corticarte, but it will tie into Ichiro Sakaki and Noboru Kannatsuki's Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica crimson S light novel adaptation, which are set during the Academy years of the storyline.
9.08 6815 2009-09-02
Maria†Holic Alive
Miyamae Kanako, a high school girl, who is allergic to boys, enrols in an all-girls school, hoping to find a female romantic partner. However, her ideal candidate, Shidou Mariya, turns out to be a mischievous cross-dressing boy, who together with his sarc...
8.59 7971 2011-07-05
To Love-Ru OVA
Following the adventures and trouble that surrounds Lala Satalin (princess of Deviluke stellar empire) and her unwilling fiance Rito Yuki (a mere human), and friends. The story from "ToLoveRU" continues with a lot of fun caused by Lala's scientific resear...
9.35 19873 2010-04-04
To Love-Ru
Based on a shounen manga written by Saki Hasemi and illustrated by Yabuki Kentarou. It is serialized weekly in Shounen Jump.

The story is about Yuuki Rito, a high-school boy who cannot confess to the girl of his dreams, Sairenji Haruna. One day whe...
9.28 118412 2009-01-28
This is a story about a high school girl, who is scared of boys, who enrolls in an all girls school, hoping to find a female romantic partner. However, her ideal candidate turns out to be a cross-dressing boy!
8.37 25794 2016-02-05
To Love-Ru Darkness
As close encounters of the twisted kind between the residents of the planet Develuke (represented primarily by the female members of the royal family) and the inhabitants of Earth (represented mainly by one very exhausted Rito Yuki) continue to escalate, ...
9.47 42237 2012-12-31
Kyou no Go no Ni OVA
An ecchi, school-life comedy show about Ryota Satou and his hilarious events and, often perverted, situations that he goes through and ends up in.
8.98 5105 2009-12-29
Negima! Haru Special!
Negi Springfield is a ten year old wizard from Wales who dreams of becoming a Magister Magi, special wizards who use their powers to help people. One example mentioned used a NGO job as a cover. Negi's reason for becoming a Magister is to find his father,...
9.3 501 2010-12-31
complete remake of the Xebec TV series. The storyline is different as they bypass the whole history of the academy and go right for the Evangeline punch. Other differences are shown such as Setsuna and Konoka are close friends and the fan service is turne...
9.06 28185 2009-08-17
Mahou Sensei Negima!
10-year old Negi Springfield is a wizard-in-training, and needs only to pass one more test in order to become a Master Wizard. Unfortunately, his final task is a bizarre one- to become a English teacher at an all-females boarding school. As soon as he arr...
8.96 41306 2009-02-02
Mahou Sensei Negima! Anime Final
An animated feature film based on the Negima! Magister Negi Magi manga and the final chapter of the Magic World Arc.
9.02 1359 2012-03-04
Mahou Sensei Negima!: Mou Hitotsu no Sekai
Starting this summer, the second series will reportedly ship on four DVDs that will be bundled with limited editions of four manga volumes from Ken Akamatsu. If sales are good, there will be plans for a theatrical film adaptation. The new series will cove...
9.09 7078 2010-12-07
Mahou Sensei Negima!: Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba
Having defeated Chao at the end of the Mahora Festival (manga story), Asuna forms the club 'Negima-dan' to search for Negi's father Nagi (which under the guise of being a club interested in travelling to England). To this end, Asuna, Setsuna, Konoka, Nodo...
9.44 4853 2009-04-17
Negima! Natsu Special!
The story begins Nodoka and Yue practicing casting spells. While training, Yue convince Nodoka that they casting a red string of fate spell on Nodoka. A spell which shows them whose their fate is. One end connect to Nodoka and the other end connect to Neg...
8.88 535 2010-12-31
To Heart 2 AD Plus
Silfa the robot maid is currently working at Takaaki's house. However, she seems to have a little trouble with her duties as part of it involves going out in public to buy groceries, and she's a bit "shy" in a sense. But when it comes to Haruka Yuzuhara's...
8.83 2012 2009-11-04
Love Live! -School Idol Project (TV)
Otonokizaka High School stands on the border of three cities: Akihabara – a pop culture mecca that's evolving by the minute; Kanda – a conservative, cultured city where history and tradition reign supreme; and Jinbo – a quiet area res...
9.27 18625 2013-04-01