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Kiddy Girl-and
ES members ?clair and Lumi?re once were involved in a battle to decide the fate of the galaxy. They prevailed and peace was restored to the galaxy. Now, several years later, the galaxy once again stands on the brink of chaos. This conflict will see the da...
7.24 5330 2010-06-02
Kurau Phantom Memory
It is the year 2100, and on the colonized Moon, a project is under way to explore new aspects of energy. Amami Kurau is the daughter of the chief scientist on the project, and on her 12th birthday, she accompanies her father to the lab to observe the expe...
7.97 3012 2011-08-15
Kidou Senshi Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
In the final days of the One Year War, a Zeon special forces group infiltrates a colony to gather information on a new Gundam unit. Alfred Izuruha, a 10-year-old student, befriends Zeon rookie pilot Bernie Wiseman during a brief mobile suit combat. Meanwh...
8.93 944 2013-08-24
Tenchi Muyo! in Love
The demonic space criminal Kain has escaped from prison and destroyed the Galaxy Police headquarters. To ensure that the Jurai will not stop him, Kain travels back to 1970 to eliminate Tenchi's mother before he is even born. Now, Tenchi and the gang must ...
8 123 2014-03-03
11-nin Iru!
The elite Cosmo Academy attracts applicants from every stellar nation in the galaxy. One young hopeful is Tadatos Lane, an orphan esper from Terra. The final stage of the academy's entrance exam is a perilous mission simulation aboard an actual derelict s...
8 134 2014-06-30
Mousou Kagaku Series: Wandaba Style
Genius scientist, Tsukumo Susumu is around 13 years old and knows each and every single theory behind aerodynamics that exists on earth. But, without the use of fossil fuels that powers rockets as such, he wants to travel to the moon and begins heavy reas...
6.86 2998 2010-06-30
It is the year 2075. In a world where travelling between Earth, Space stations and the moon has become normal.

Hachimaki (Hoshino Hachirouta) is just an ordinary salaryman. He works at a space station collecting debris. However, he has a dream of o...
9.31 17959 2009-02-12
Cobra the Animation : Time Drive
Cobra's beloved cyborg companion, Armaroid Lady, is fading away and nobody knows why. To find out how to save her, he journeys to the Spring of Time, where he can dive into time itself and see events long gone. While swimming through Lady's past, he accid...
5.8 133 2010-05-23
The Ten Little Gall Force
A super deformed parody which depicts the 'making of ' Eternal Story and Destruction. A very humorous behind-the-scenes look (if 'Gall Force' were a live-action series instead of being animated).

Cast and crew members run into severe and embarrass...
5.57 77 2012-10-18
Divergence Eve 2: Misaki Chronicles
Through the long distance warp called the 'Exodus Project', Worns, Ryer and the
other crew members of 'Watchers Nest' manage to escape from the Earth. Misaki, who
was attending the final battle with 'Ghoul' at that time, isn't present there and
8.5 1137 2010-06-24
Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations
A separate project from the Tsubasa Chronicle anime, this time handled by Production I.G. and Nanase/Ageha Ohkawa (CLAMP's scriptwriter), Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS are three 25-minutes OVAs covering the Tokyo Arc, which should have taken place in the anim...
9.31 5851 2009-04-26
Divergence Eve
In the 24th Century, Intergalactic Space Travel has become a reality. One of the first outposts in the far reaches of space is WATCHER'S NEST - an inflation hole drive portal - which has recently come under attack by a mysterious force known simply as GHO...
5.54 5205 2010-06-19
Kidou Senshi Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
Three years after the end of the war between the Zeon and the Federation, a group called the Delaz Fleet is formed by the survivors of the Zeon army. Their goals is to rebuild Zeon. Its ace pilot, Major Anavel Gato steals the Gundam GP02, a nuclear equipp...
8.51 9879 2010-07-13
Dirty Pair
The semi-coherent story of a pair of teenage intergalactic private eyes, 'Kei' and 'Yuri'. Their code name is 'Lovely Angels,' but they're better known - universe-wide, in fact - as the 'Dirty Pair'. Their arrival at the scene of a mystery is always a sou...
7.4 1247 2015-03-20
Cowboy Bebop
Once upon a time, in New York City in 1941... at this club open to all comers to play, night after night, at a club named 'Minston's Play' House in Harlem, they play jazz sessions competing with each other. Young jazz men with a new sense are gathering. A...
9.47 67113 2009-01-21
Martian Successor Nadesico
Akito doesn't want to fight. Despite a childhood spent on the anime Gekiganger 3, a Mecha show, he'd rather cook than pilot a Mecha. Fate intervenes when his home on Mars is destroyed, and he is transported instantly to the Earth, mysteriously. He has que...
8.43 23241 2010-07-04
Tenchi Muyou! GXP
Seina Yamada is a very unlucky boy, not only is he unlucky, but others around him suffer from his bad luck as well. When making a delivery to the Masaki residence he encounteres Amane, a GXP detective. Amane mistakes him for a student of Tenchi, and quick...
9.25 37127 2010-01-14
Macross Frontier
Macross F sets out in the year 2059 A.D. The 'F' is short for 'Frontier', which is also the name of the migration fleet this story is about.
We join the fleet's journey when the concert of the famous pop-idol Sheryl Nome, is just around the corner. She...
9.26 43019 2009-01-29
Buzzer Beater (2007)
After being drafted into the Earth Team - a basketball team comprised solely of humans - street-punk-turned-pro Hideyoshi couldn't be more cocky. The team is still up against the Gorons, a physically superior race of aliens who have dominated the game for...
9.33 1783 2012-04-19