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Noblesse: Awakening
Cadis Etrama di Raizel wakes up from 820-years long sleep and starts a new life as a high school student. His peaceful days as a student are soon interrupted by a group of attackers known as the 'Unions.' Noblesse follows Raizel and his loyal servant, Fra...
9.16 1343 2016-02-06
Owari no Seraph
One day, a mysterious virus appeared on Earth which killed every infected human over the age of 13. At the same time, vampires emerged from the world's dark recesses and enslaved mankind. Enter Hyakuya Yuuichirou, a young boy, who along with the rest of t...
9.17 41560 2015-06-28
The Gifted Hands (Kdrama Movie)
A little girl is kidnapped and murdered in the jurisdiction of gang buster detective Yang Chun-dong, who fights against the gangs for three years now. Also the case of the murdered girl is up to him. During the case, he realizes the crime scene is the sam...
9 205 2015-03-28
Sousei no Onmyouji
Grotesque monsters known as Impurities reside in Magano, a realm parallel to the present day. Exorcists purify these evil apparitions to protect the people. Rokuro Enmado is opposed to becoming an exorcist, even though he has the talent to be one, but an ...
8.95 45641 2017-04-05
Mahou Shoujo Site
Asagiri Aya is a young girl who has fallen victim to bullies at her school. Looking for a way to escape her troubles, she looks to the internet for distraction, when a mysterious website called 'Magical Girl Site' appears. Simply viewing the page is all i...
7.71 1917 2018-06-24
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day [JMovie]
High school student Jinta (Nijiro Murakami) is a hikikomori and lives in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. One summer day, when Jinta is absorbed in a video game, a girl suddenly appears in front of him. The girl is Jinta's childhood friend Meiko (Mina...
8.62 768 2015-10-01
Ushio to Tora (TV) 2nd Season
Continuation of Ushio to Tora TV series.
9.44 5671 2016-08-09
Gegege no Kitarou (2018)
Nearly twenty years into the 21st century, people have forgotten the existence of youkai. When a number of unexplainable phenomena plague adults of the human world with confusion and chaos, thirteen-year-old Mana writes a letter to the Youkai Post in sear...
6.71 2947 2020-02-23
Witch Craft Works OVA
DVD OVA of Witch Craft Works bundled with the eighth manga volume.
7.8 262 2015-05-03
Kyoukai no Kanata Movie: I`ll Be Here - Kako-hen
The first part of a two-part movie. The story is a recap of the TV series.
9.54 964 2015-04-24
ChäoS;Child takes place in October 2015, six years after the events of ChäoS;HEAd. Abnormal events begin to occur in Shibuya district, including mysterious deaths.
8.69 1849 2017-07-10
Noragami Aragoto
In the second season of Noragami the main focus is on Bishamon, god of war. She has many shinki due to her being unable to abandon spirits attacked by Ayakashi. She has a large group of shinki with her as leader, causing her trouble as she sometimes canno...
9.71 33876 2016-01-03
Kizumonogatari Part 2: Nekketsu-hen
Part 2 of the Kizumonogatari trilogy.
9.36 728 2017-01-14
Vampire Holmes
An anime adaptation of the smartphone game that features a character named Holmes in London, but against his name, he is a private detective who does not reason or even explain mysteries. However, he always solves the cases requested. He secretly undertak...
4.77 591 2016-03-26
Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu-hen
Part 3 of Kizumonogatari trilogy.
9.08 678 2017-07-13
Persona 3 the Movie 2: Midsummer Knight`s Dream
After realizing the value of life and the importance of his own allies, Makoto finally got his smile back. As spring turns into summer,
he finds himself learning more about those comrades and getting closer to them. He even meets new friends, including...
9.12 1319 2015-03-30
Gugure! Kokkuri-san
The story revolves around a little girl named Kohina. Kohina ends up summoning Kokkuri-san (a low-ranking ghost in Japanese folklore), who turns out to be a handsome, young, white-haired man. At first he merely intends to haunt her but soon becomes worrie...
9.33 9953 2014-12-23
Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin - Extra Chorus
Adaptation of the manga by Takashi Takeuchi. Premiered and sold with the newest movie Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin.

8.85 273 2014-08-31
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan 2
Sequel to Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (TV).
8.48 9741 2018-07-07
Tezuka Osamu no Don Dracula
After living in Transylvania for several years, 'Earl Dracula' (as Osamu Tezuka's official website calls him in English) has moved to Japan. In the Nerima Ward of Tokyo, he and his daughter, Chocola, and faithful servant Igor have taken up residence in an...
7 6 2014-07-03