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In this world of uncertainty, would we be happier if we could predict the future...?
What would you do if all of your dreams had a way of coming true...including nightmares? Beautiful and young, Ayami has a solid reputation as a dedicated and reliable ...
8 159 2016-01-26
At Home Dad
Kazuyuki Yamamura works at a major advertising agency, and is the breadwinner of his family, which consists of himself, wife Miki, and daughter Rie. He purchases a house, and is proud of being at the pinnacle of his career.

Kazuyuki's neighbor, Yus...
8.14 883 2014-07-10
Oniyome Nikki
Mizuki Arisa and Gori star as husband and wife in this TV adaptation of a popular Internet blog. Oniyome Nikki is a true account of the life of a husband who is abused daily by his wife. The drama will depict the exchanges between the couple - the misery ...
6 334 2013-12-23
Ushi ni Negai wo: Love & Farm
Six agriculture students travel north to Hokkaido for first-hand training and experience in a farm setting. The story focuses not only on their daily life and their growth as young men and women, but also on the economic situation in the region, which rec...
7.83 369 2013-12-26
Gokicha!! Cockroach Girl!
A heartwarming story about a cockroach girl who tries to be liked by humans while dodging the insecticide.
8.33 471 2012-12-28
Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen
Characters from various games released by Falcom (e.g. Dragon Slayer, The Legend of Heroes, and Ys series) come together in a school.
4.75 130 2014-02-25
Naruto: Shippuuden - Konoha Gakuen Special
Naruto school special.

Naruto is a new cool student and when he meets Sasuke they start fighting.
8.38 2904 2012-08-26
Kusoge tte Iuna! Animation
The story centers on an RPG that people call 'kusoge' ('crap-tier game,' referring to games with quirky or badly implemented mechanics and design). The main character Lidays decides to change the game's story, meeting with other characters while the game ...
0 81 2020-12-29
Nowadays, kids have their parents wrapped around their fingers. While they appear to despise their parents, they are actually insecure and want someone to give them love, guidance, and support. Although Katsura is sometimes absent-minded, she is a strong,...
7 332 2013-12-10
JK Meshi!
Yuzuka Hanami is approached by a mysterious creature that tells her she has the makings of becoming a magical girl. However, Yuzuka's magical form has her wearing a swimsuit.

(Source: MAL News)
3 225 2016-03-29
Yume wo Kanaeru Zo Special
Kohei is an unreliable salaryman who one day meets 'Ganesha', a Hindu god depicted with an elephant head, with a Kansai dialect. From that encounter, Kohei finds a way to turn around his life.
8 0 2013-12-08
Yamada Taro Monogatari
Yamada Taro, a freshman on a scholarship at Ichinomiya Private Senior High School, is high-achieving, strikingly handsome, and truly athletic and seems perfect. But he is actually extremely poor. The story humorously portrays Taro, who tackles problems th...
8.09 1552 2013-12-09
Yukan Club
Shochikubai Miroku (Akanishi Jin) is the son of a police commissioner (father) and also a traveller (mother). Miroku has lots of connections and is a very good fighter. His interest is his motorcycle.

Kikumasamune Seishiro (Yokoyuma Yu) is the rich...
8.83 1000 2013-12-10
Her name is Esumi Fuuka. Standing tall at 163 cm with a slender bodyline, she must be a university undergraduate. However, in reality, she is only an elementary school student. With a body figure of an adult and the mentality of a small child, she creates...
7.11 2063 2016-01-27
Galaxy Angel X
Starting out with the new Galaxy Angel, Chitose Karasuma, the Angel Troupe continue their search for The Lost Technology while running into different kinds of mishaps. (Source: ANN)
6.55 1169 2010-07-04
Galaxy Angel 3
Their mission is to locate and retrieve the mysterious Lost Technology, even though these girls have never been known to stick to their mission. Milfeulle, Forte, Ranpha, Mint, and Vanilla are back for another round of hilarity. The Galaxy Angels have swo...
8.18 9861 2010-07-01
Galaxy Angel Z
In the far future, the human race advanced to space, and prospered. However, Jikushin ( earthquake of time and space ) which occurred suddenly intercepted all networks, and all the civilizations were reset. However, the human race begins to revive, and en...
7.4 7375 2010-06-14