Burn Up! W(601)

Other Title(s)バーンナップW
Genre(s)Action, Boing, Comedy, Cops, Ecchi, Large Breasts, Law and Order, Pantsu, Special Squads, Tragedy, Violence
SynopsisWhen the Tokyo City Police are unable to deal with a potential disaster, they know who to call: Team WARRIOR. A secret organization made up of the best the police has to offer, WARRIOR is called to deal with what at first seem to be a bunch of bungling terrorists who have kidnapped officials from the major governments of the world. However, they uncover a far more sinister plot involving electronic drugs, mind control, and a dangerous organization bent on creating chaos out of the governments of the world...beginning with controlling the police itself. Can a master strategist, a sultry, enthusiastic mecha fanatic, a diminutive hacker, a trigger-happy sniper, a mildly perverted driver, and an overemotional bombshell hope to win out in a battle against crazed madmen and scheming criminals? Or will WARRIOR turn out to be nothing more than so many misfits vainly trying to save the day?