Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R (1993)(530)

Other Title(s)Sailor Moon R: The Movie - The Promise of the Rose
Genre(s)Action, Demons, Humanoid, Magic, Mahou Shoujo, Romance, Shoujo, Super Power
SynopsisKisenian, traveling from a far away galaxy, disguised as a meteor, aims to gather all the positive energy from the Earth and plant the seeds of negativity leaving Earth full of hatred.

Unable to do this on her own. Kisenian preys on the vulnerable heart of Darien?s childhood friend, Fiore. Fiore, jealous of Sailor Moon and Darien?s passionate friendship, joins Kisenian in her wicked endeavor to gather energy from every star and planet!

Can the magic of Sailor Moon's Crystal and Scepter protect all of mankind from Kisenian's evil plan? Is she strong enough to save the Earth and her loved ones? Or will she be forced to choose between them?

from the director of Revolutionay Girl Utena!