Granblue Fantasy(4953)

Other Title(s)Granblue Fantasy
SynopsisIn a world abandoned by the gods,
many lands float high in sea of clouds.Long ago,
the Astral beings kept the world at their
mercy with their formidable power.
But after great conflict and resistance from the Skydwellers,
the Astrals disappeared and the world enjoyed peace once again.

And now on the mystic island of Zenkenstill,
our hero prepares to journey to the promised land,
guided by a short massive and one remaining member:
the red-winged dragon Vyrn.
But the adventure starts off with a surprise,
as their island home is suddenly engulfed in flames.

A warship of the millitaristic Erte Empire cast down
a shadow from above and amongst the calamity,
our hero encounters a mysterious girl named Lyria.
Their fate now tied, the two embark on a voyage
to reach dreams much bigger than this real,and beyond the sky.