Other Title(s)バーテンダー
Genre(s)Daily Life, Seinen
SynopsisHidden down a dark alley in the Ginza district of Tokyo, protected by a heavy wooden door and marked only by a simple sign, one might find a bar called Edenhall. Leave your worries at the door and take a few minutes to enjoy a cocktail offered by Ryu Sasakura. Gifted by his skills and patience, Ryu offers his hospitality and a compassionate ear to any troubled or harried patron that crosses the threshold and takes a stool.

The year 2006 is the 200th anniversary of the Cocktail and to celebrate the event, the series Bartender uses a very unusual hole-in-the-wall bar, a mysterious master bartender and the bar's various ?guests? as a venue to explain and share the recipes for a number of (very adult) mixed alcoholic drinks.

Based on the popular 'cocktail manga' serialized in Super Jump, with the genius bartender Ryu Sasakura making the most incredible cocktails anyone has ever tasted. Those seeking his 'glass of god' are individuals from all different walks of life who chance to visit his bar.