Aura Battler Dunbine: The Tale of Neo Byston Well (OVA)(4175)

Other Title(s)New Story of AURA BATTLER Dunbine, Seisenshi Dunbine OVA
Genre(s)Fantasy, Mecha
SynopsisTaking place 700 years after the Dunbine TV Series, 'The Tale of Neo Byston Well' revolves around Shion Zaba, the reincarnation of series protagonist Sho Zama. Together with Silkie Mau, Reml Jilfried (the reincarnation of Remile Luft), and the Aura Battler Silbine, Shion must stop a twisted Shot Weapon from launching a custom-made nuclear ICBM missile that's poised to wipe out the realm.

'The Tale of Neo Byston Well' gained praise not only for its upgraded animation but also for using B-CLUB Magazine's popular AURA FANTASM series as the basis for the new Aura Battler designs.

-All three OVAs are in one episode.-