Snow Flower(3759)

Other Title(s) Snow Flakes, 눈꽃, Snow Flower
Snow Flakes, 눈꽃, Snow Flower
Genre(s)Drama, Romance
SynopsisWhen she was a young girl, Yoo Da-mi (Go Ara) was forced to move in with her grandmother. As time wore on, her mother Lee Kang-ae (Kim Hee-ae) became one of the country's best-selling authors. Consequently, she never had time to spend with her daughter. Suddenly, one day, Da-mi accidentally intercepted a phone call from her father, Yoo Keon-hee (Lee Jae-ryong), whom she had not seen since she was a child. Kang-ae raised Da-mi to believe that her father was dead. She wanted her daughter to attend a university, but Da-mi was much more interested in acting. Surprisingly, the first film Da-mi starred in was based on one of Kang-ae's novels. Meanwhile, her boss's stepbrother, Ha Yeong-ghan (Kim Kibum), is a family friend who secretly loved Da-mi and decided to help her, though faced rejection by her.