Megalopolis Expressway Trial(3291)

Other Title(s)Shuto kōsoku toraiaru
Genre(s)crime, action, adventure, and drama
SynopsisMegalopolis Expressway Trial (首都高速トライアル Shuto kōsoku toraiaru?) is the original title of a series of six Japanese films, about illegal highway racing in the Shuto Expressway, released between 1988 and 1996. An English subtitled version of the films series -renamed Freeway Speedway- was released on DVD in North America in 2004 due to commercial success of popular Hollywood films like The Fast and The Furious ('before there was The Fast And The Furious, there was Freeway Speedway' is a quote appearing on the fourth DVD). A 4-disc re-release of the 2004 edition was made available in 2007, it was renamed Tokyo Speedway: The Complete Collection. Though also available in Hong Kong, the DVD edition was not released in Japan since the series is still banned and the last episode unreleased yet.