Proposal Daisakusen SP(2500)

Other Title(s)プロポーズ大作戦スペシャル
Operation Love Special
Genre(s)Romance, Drama, Comedy
SynopsisIt has been 1 year since after hearing Ken's confession, Rei left Tada during their wedding ceremony. Although Ken and Rei knew how they felt for each other, they were still unable to take a step forward.
At the same time, Eri and Tsuru's wedding was about to go on in Hawaii, so Ken, Rei, Mikio, and the others went to the church on the beach. However, as the time slowly passed the time of the ceremony, it had yet to begin. While Tsuru desparately tries to cover this fact, everyone finds out that Eri is in fact missing. When he awoke this morning she had been missing, and only a hand written note was left behind saying that she 'Doesn't know how Tsuru feels'.
Ken cannot help but to remember what they had done 1 year before, in the midst of Eri's parents apologizing to the guests and Tsuru becoming depressed. As Ken profusely wishes for happiness for Tsuru, who can only think of Eri, the Fairy suddenly appears. Although the Fairy felt disappointed with Ken since the relationship between him and Rei hadn't progressed, the fairy, out of friendship, lets Ken slip back in time yet again! Ken tries his best to relay the information to Tsuru in regards to his future of having his bride run away but....!?