Kaze o Mita Shounen(2183)

Other Title(s)風を見た少年
The Boy Who Saw the Wind
Genre(s)Angst, Coming of Age, Dystopia, Fantasy, Military, Novel, Shounen, Super Power, Tragedy, Violence
SynopsisAmon is a boy who can control the wind. Branich, the ruler of the world, wants Amon's power to complete the ultimate weapon and sends his troops to capture the boy. Amon, using his talents, manages to give Branich the slip and runs away with Maria, one of the People of the Sea. Maria agrees to help Amon find his own tribe.

The Boy Who Saw the Wind is a gentle film, based on the novel by the Welsh-born cult author C.W. Nicol (who now lives in Japan). According to Nicol the novel is 'a plea for good people to stand up and say 'no' to fascism and dictatorship'. His writings are also said to have inspired Hayao Miyazaki to set Laputa - Castle in the Sky in a Welsh mining village.