Digimon Tamers Movie 5:The Adventurer`s Battle(2131)

Other Title(s)デジモンテイマーズ 冒険者たちの戦い
Digimon Tamers: Boukensha-tachi no Tatakai
SynopsisThe fifth Digimon movie is set in the third season, the Tamers Universe.

During summer vacation, Takato is sent to see his cousin in Okinawa. His parents think it'll be good for him to travel and spend some time in the small village, away from the big city. Takato's not exactly thrilled about the trip, but as he stays with his cousin, Kai, they begin to form an understanding. Of course, keeping Guilmon a secret is a chore in itself.

Back in Tokyo, a brutal Digimon confronts Ruki and defeats Renamon, before wreaking havok and promising to return.

In Okinawa, a the daughter of a famous software giant is chased by a shark-type Digimon, and Takato sends Guilmon out to help, revealing the existance of Digimon to the girl and Kai. The girl recognizes a form of Digimon, called a 'V-Pet'. As more and more cluse start to point towards the company producing V-Pets, Ruki meets Takato and Jenrya-Li, to get to the bottom of the mystery.

But when the true plot beneath the V-Pets is uncovered, will the three Ultimate level Digimon and their Tamers be ready to stop an evil that has crossed dimensions to put it's plan in motion? The adventure begins, and ends, with this...