Other Title(s)神童
Genre(s)Music, Romance
SynopsisThe story, based on a manga by Akira Saso, Uta - A prodigy who could read music before she could talk, she has been in a funk since the disappearance of her pianist father, who left on a foreign concert tour and never returned.Her mother (Satomi Tezuka) frets as she blows off her lessons, but the only piano Uta really wants to play is her father`s, left in the house they were forced to abandon, for financial reasons, after his disappearance. She strikes up an age-inappropriate friendship with Wao (Kenichi Matsuyama, again), the 19-year-old son of a couple who run a vegetable shop. He wants desperately to enter an arts university and study piano, but he is less a player than a banger. Uta mocks his clumsiness, but likes his passion and becomes his unofficial coach and cheerleader.