Dont Look Up(2047)

Other Title(s)Ghost Actress
Genre(s)Fantasy, Horror
SynopsisOne night a movie crew discovers that their film has been replaced by another film and finds out that a strange film has been added to their film without their knowledge. The film is part of a film that was shot at that studio 20 years ago and shows an actress surprised at something with a blurred image of a woman behind her. The film crew thinks that the film reel has been edited improperly and forget about the incident. But, the director feels that he remembers the strange scene from somewhere in his memory. After that, strange incidents occur at the studio,and the leading actress meets a questionable death. The shocked director tries to recollect his memories and comes upon a newspaper article that says that the actress shown in the strange film died in a similar fashion 20 years ago in the same studio. WARNING : MAY CONTAIN BLOOD AND GORE.