Legend of the Condor Hero (TV) Season 1(1942)

Other Title(s)Shin Chou Kyou Ryo: Condor Hero (Japanese)
Genre(s)Adventure, Drama, Romance, Historical, Martial Arts, Sword
SynopsisYouka (Yang) is a young 13-year old boy. One day, his Uncle, Kakusei, has him follow in his steps of martial arts and has him study the art of Zenshinkyou. Yang soon gets tired of the bullying and mistreatment by the clan`s priests and escapes. He stumbles on a Forbidden Tomb where he finds a beautiful young woman, by the name of Xiaolongn? (Shouryuujo) - the mysterious and beautiful Dragon Girl, leader of the powerful Tomb sect, who will change his life forever. After a short time, Yang is eventually accepted by Xiaolongn? to study the techniques of the Koboha under her, and thus begins their adventure through martial arts and love. *Pls note this is a Chinese anime so the audio is in Chinese*