Arslan Senki(193)

Other Title(s)The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy
SynopsisThis is a story of the travels of Prince Arislan, the heir to the empire of Palse. In the beginning, Palse and Lusitanians are in war with each other. Through some treachery and betrayal, the Palse Kingdom falls and were defeated by the Lusitanians. The King was captured and the beautiful queen captured. Arislan however is alone and there he met Daryoon, a gallant knight who has pledged his life to Arislan. The story thus starts off with Arislan and Daryoon discovering the many secrets of their Kingdom and the Silver Knight who led the Lusitanians to victory. Meeting other allies and friends as well, Arislan slowly gathers a huge army ready to reclaim his kingdom. With the valor of Farangese, a warrior priestess who can talk with the soul, Gieve, the calm and tricky minstrel, Daryoon, the mighty warrior, Narsus, the master tactician and strategist their legendary journey starts. With such allies, Arislan began having victories after victories, yet his compassion and good heart has not make him an enemy with Lusitanians, instead friends who think he might be the king every one dreamt off.