Haru no Ashioto The Movie - Ourin Dakkan(1824)

Other Title(s)はるのあしおと The Movie - 桜鈴奪還
Recapture Ourin Gakuen
Genre(s)Comedy, Dating Sim - Visual Novel, High School, School Life, Seinen, Slapstick
SynopsisAn original animation for Haru no Ashioto, a bishoujo game by Minori, which was included in the Sakura no Saku Koro - Haru no Ashioto Pleasurable Box. Similar to the Wind Omake, another of Minori's works.

One day the else so peaceful mood in the Ourin Gakuen suddenly changes. Kusunoki-sensei, the so-called subheroine, along with most of the students takes over the school after a coup d'?tat. The principal is beaten and now it's up to Yuu Sakurano, Yuzuki Kaede and Nagomi Fujikura to take back the school from her and return it to the former peaceful days.

This is the start of a full-scale war, one that this school has never seen before.