Hidamari Sketch x 365(18)

Other Title(s)ひだまりスケッチx 365
Genre(s)Art, Comedy, Daily Life, Parody, School Life, Seinen
SynopsisSunshine Sketch centers around a young girl named Yuno who finally is able to get accepted into Yamabuki Art High School, which she has longed for. To attend the school, Yuno moves and starts to live in a small apartment building named the Sunshine Apartments (ひだまり荘, Hidamari-sō) located near the school. Once there, she starts making new friends like her classmate Miyako and the second year students, Hiro and Sae. There is no real plot line to the story but rather the events of the characters' everyday lives are shown as they attend the school together and get to know each other better.