Ichigeki Sacchuu!! Hoihoi-san(1640)

Other Title(s)一撃殺虫!! ホイホイさん
Interceptor-Doll Hoi Hoi-san
Genre(s)Gunfights, SciFi
SynopsisAD. 20XX, the insect pest has acquired resistances to any insecticides. In order to settle the situation, a Japanese enterprise, Mars Pharmacy, develops a hyper small insecticidal robot. It is a maid robot ?Hoi Hoi san?, which is 11.5 cm tall.
There appears many charming characters, for example, Aburatsubo who dotes on Hoi Hoi san, Kimi-chan, who works for the drug store which Abratsubo often goes, Mu-chan who is a best friend of Kimi-chan, and Mr. Koga who is the director of the development section and has developed Hoi Hoi san. Finally you can?t miss the battle between Hoi Hoi san and her rival, Combat san.