Love Pheromone(1511)

Other Title(s)絶対正義ラブフェロモン
Absolute Justice Love Pheromone, Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge
Genre(s)Comedy, Mahou Shoujo, Slapstick
SynopsisYoshizumi Aimi and Sasajima Kaoruko are a comic duo, ?Love Pheromone?. Their dream is to become popular and end up on Broadway. However, their names are not well-known, and they have to do part-time jobs.
But besides that, they also act as the heroines of justices, which also goes with the name 'Love Pheromone'. They beat villains one after another, but they also manage to wreck the environment as well in the heat of the battles, so instead of becoming heroes, most people see them as villains instead.