Mitsu x Mitsu Drops(1414)

Other Title(s)蜜?蜜ドロップス
Honey x Honey Drops
Genre(s)Comedy, High School, Romance, Shoujo
SynopsisHagino Yuzuru is a common girl who takes a normal course of Hojo High School. When she works part-time job during summer break, she makes trouble with Renge Kai of the Kuge course which many rich people take.

After the summer break, she finds that she was chosen as Kai's 'HONEY'. The HONEY is a partner of a MASTER, a Kuge course student, to take care of him until he graduates from the school, and the HONEY is chosen from the normal course student. The HONEY is exempt from paying tuition fee. It is a fascinating condition for Yuzuru because her family is badly off. However, if she quits being HONEY, she will be expelled from the school.