Detroit Metal City (Live Action)(1150)

Other Title(s)デトロイト・メタル・シティ (ライブ)
Genre(s)Band, Comedy, Music, Parody, Seinen, Violence
SynopsisSoichi Negishi is a shy and gentle young man who dreams of a career as a pop musician. Dreams don't pay the bills, so he's ended up as the lead singer of a death metal band called ?Detroit Metal City.? In stage costume he is Johannes Krauser II, rumored to be a demon, to have killed and raped his parents, to wield his giant death penis with abandon, etc. etc. Negishi despises DMC and all that it stands for, but so help him, he's a terrific performer and can't walk away from that. As DMC's star rises Negishi tries to satisfy both worlds, but can he? No. No, he can't.