Kyo Kara Maoh!(1136)

Other Title(s)今日から㋮王!
Genre(s)Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shōnen-ai
SynopsisYuuri Shibuya thought he was just another ordinary Japanese student, but getting flushed down a toilet into another dimension has a way of changing how one thinks. Black hair and black eyes identify him as the Maou, the next demon king of Shin Makoku, kingdom of the Mazoku. And it's no picnic to go from thinking you're human to finding out you're the head of a kingdom almost at war with humans, either.

Kind, compassionate, and filled with a solid conviction to do what's right, Yuuri is like no other Maou before him. He is convinced that there's always a peaceful way to solve every problem. \"I won't resort to war! When I became the Maou, that's what I decided!\"

With Conrad, Wolfram, his Maou spirit, and all his other loyal supporters to help him, Yuuri just may suceed at changing the world for the better.