La Corda D`Oro ~primo passo~(1028)

Other Title(s)金色のコルダ ~primo passo[プリモ・パッソ]~
Kin`iro no Chord: Primo Passo
Genre(s)High School, Music, School Life, Shoujo
SynopsisThe Hoshisou High School has a tradition of two different classes. They are seperated into ordinary classes and music classes.

One day, the second-year student Kahoko Hino, who applies the ordinary classes, meets Lily, the music fairy, who gives her a magic violin. Afterwards she is being nominated for a music contest in the school.

Thus her step into the music world begins as she interacts with the other contestants. The whereabouts of love, friendship, and the contest that surrounds all of it but also rivalry and intrigue, all of that awaits her before she can finally reach her newfound dream.