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  Kageki Shoujo!!

Alternative Title(s)     Kageki Shoujo!!

Genre(s)     Drama, School, Shoujo
Episode(s)     13
Studio     Pine Jam
Type     Series
Date Released     July 4 , 2021
Date Finished     No Confirmation
Overall Views     163
Rating     10/10.00 (1) 


Founded in the Taisho era, the 'Red Flower Opera Company' attracts people's hearts across generations on a beautiful and gorgeous stage created only by unmarried women. The 100th generation students who have passed through a high magnification and entered the 'Red Flower Opera Music School' to develop the human resources. Sarasa Watanabe, an innocent girl with a height of 178 cm who longs for 'Oscar-sama.' Ai Narada, a former national idol who is indifferent to everything, both dreams and friends. The music school life full of hope and conflict, where everything is disjointed, is about to begin!

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2021-07-03 jbluey 72
2 Episode 2 2021-07-11 jbluey 38
3 Episode 3 2021-07-19 jbluey 30
4 Episode 4 2021-07-25 jbluey 23