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Alternative Title(s)     Babylon

Genre(s)     Thriller
Episode(s)     Number of Episode is not yet announced.
Studio     Revoroot
Type     Series
Date Released     October 6 , 2019
Date Finished     No Confirmation
Overall Views     No Views
Rating     8.67/10.00 (3) 


Zen Seizaki, a public prosecutor at Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, is investigating a case of illegal clinical research related to a drug company and a university. During the investigation, he finds a file that Shin Inaba, an anesthesiologist, kept, which includes blood that is mixed with hair, skin, and a paper written with letter F. As he investigates, he realized there's a hidden plot that is connected with a huge election as well as to a certain person who is in charge of it.

(Source: MAL News)

Reserved by : Dudette09

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2019-10-13 Dudette09 0
2 Episode 2 2019-10-13 Dudette09 0
3 Episode 3 2019-10-13 Dudette09 0
4 Episode 4 2019-10-29 Dudette09 0
5 Episode 5 2019-11-05 Dudette09 0
6 Episode 6 2019-11-15 Dudette09 0