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  Imouto sae Ireba Ii.

Alternative Title(s)     Imouto sae Ireba Ii.
It`d be Good if Only Little Sister Was Here
A Sister`s All You Need

Genre(s)     Comedy, Romance
Episode(s)     Number of Episode is not yet announced.
Studio     Silver Link.
Type     Series
Date Released     October 8 , 2017
Date Finished     No Confirmation
Overall Views     No Views
Rating     6.5/10.00 (2) 


This is the story about the daily life of a young siscon novelist, Itsuki Hashima with his perfect little sister Chihiro, the genius illustrator Nayuta Kani, his best friend Shirakawa Kyoto and some insane partners from his publishers.

Reserved by : Kisae

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2017-10-10 Kisae 0
2 Episode 2 2017-10-16 Kisae 0