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  Gin no Guardian

Alternative Title(s)     Gin no Guardian
Shirogane no Guardian
The Silver Guardian, Gin no Hakamori

Genre(s)     Adventure, Fantasy
Episode(s)     12
Studio     Haoliners Animation League
Type     Series
Date Released     April 1 , 2017
Date Finished     June 17 , 2017
Overall Views     2646
Rating     7.76/10.00 (25) 


Lu Shuiyin (Riku Suigin in Japanese) is a master of gaming, a skill only known to his classmate Lu Lian (Riku Lin in Japanese). One day, Shuiyin receives a device from Lu Lian for a tomb raiding online game. While Shuiyin is excited to receive the device, Lian is suddenly kidnapped. Shuiyin touches the device that was left behind, pulling him inside the game and trapping him there. What is the imaginary world inside the device? What will Shuiyin find there?

It is a world where two groups of people fight over the power of the gods, which originates from the tomb the mother goddess Pangu (Bango in Japanese). The two groups are the tomb raiders and the tomb protectors. The device Shuiyin received from Lian is called the Monolith, and it allows a normal gamer to go near the tomb. The tomb raiding group plans its attack by recruiting common people in the name of gaming. Shuiyin, as the final tomb protector, must fight against the raiders in order to save Lian.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2017-04-02 shadowsoul18 558
2 Episode 2 2017-04-08 shadowsoul18 399
3 Episode 3 2017-04-15 shadowsoul18 277
4 Episode 4 2017-04-22 shadowsoul18 233
5 Episode 5 2017-04-30 shadowsoul18 201
6 Episode 6 2017-05-06 shadowsoul18 204
7 Episode 7 2017-05-14 shadowsoul18 163
8 Episode 8 2017-05-21 shadowsoul18 140
9 Episode 9 2017-05-28 shadowsoul18 149
10 Episode 10 2017-06-03 shadowsoul18 114
11 Episode 11 2017-06-10 shadowsoul18 112
12 Episode 12 2017-06-17 shadowsoul18 96