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  Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

Alternative Title(s)     Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Grimgal of Ashes and Illusion

Genre(s)     Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Episode(s)     12
Type     Series
Date Released     January 10 , 2016
Date Finished     March 27 , 2016
Overall Views     17421
Rating     9.37/10.00 (145) 


This is the only thing the youth of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar remember before awakening in an unknown building in a medieval landscape enshrouded in darkness. They don't remember anything besides their own names. What's stranger is that sometimes they catch themselves saying words that they don't understand, even though they seem so familiar. The group of strangers is told that in order to make a living, they would have to join the Reserve Army forces to keep the town safe from nearby monsters. The stronger looking people form a team to join the Reserve Army and depart, leaving Manato, Haruhiro, Ranta, Yume, Mogzo, and Shihoru to fend for themselves. But how will they get by if they can't even defeat the weakest of monsters? Born from the ashes of their old memories, the ragtag team of six start a new life in the world of Grimgar.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2016-01-14 InSoulFallen 2400
2 Episode 2 2016-01-22 InSoulFallen 1728
3 Episode 3 2016-01-27 InSoulFallen 1688
4 Episode 4 2016-02-03 InSoulFallen 1527
5 Episode 5 2016-02-12 InSoulFallen 1402
6 Episode 6 2016-02-19 InSoulFallen 1411
7 Episode 7 2016-02-27 InSoulFallen 1392
8 Episode 8 2016-03-12 InSoulFallen 1268
9 Episode 9 2016-03-12 InSoulFallen 1275
10 Episode 10 2016-03-29 InSoulFallen 1207
11 Episode 11 2016-03-29 InSoulFallen 1137
12 Episode 12 2016-04-20 InSoulFallen 986

Comment Box

  • #14 - Ken5589
    2nd season now!
  • #13 - sabrina
    i enjoyed it (because I wasn't looking for action)
  • #12 - koopagon
    somewhat slow story development but gets character development in spades. a good emotional story with some decent twists.
  • #11 - FAT4LS
    always remember that in manga or light novel...there is always a story "Arcs"
  • #10 - FAT4LS
    so, don't expect that they will reveal it in the start...it is usually in the middle or the climax part of the story..
  • #9 - FAT4LS
    you have to wait for the other arcs/story to connect to the main story/plot that will lead to a big revelation...sometimes authors.. likes to foreshadows. :D
  • #8 - FAT4LS
    Usually...story's like that...doesn't tell about that crucial point of the story..that can lead to the main plot ...just like Attack on Titan..why is there a titan and walls...is that the only place left?...what about the outside of the walls?...
  • #7 - FAT4LS
    some people really are dumb...they always ask why is progressed so slow...and why they didn't tell more about..how and why did they get there? why dont they remember anything? sometimes they say some words that they dont clearly remember..
  • Hopefully there will be more
  • #5 - unico6969
    Show Spoiler