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  Dragon Ball Z Movie 15: Fukkatsu no F

Alternative Title(s)     Dragon Ball Z Movie 15: Fukkatsu no F
Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection `F`

Genre(s)     Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen, Super Power
Type     Movie
Date Released     April 17 , 2015
Date Finished     April 17 , 2015
Overall Views     1551
Rating     8.92/10.00 (12) 


An Earth where peace has arrived. However, remnants of Frieza's army Sorbet and Tagoma (from the Japanese word for 'egg') arrive on the planet. Their goal is to revive Frieza with the dragon balls. Their dastardly wish is granted, the 'F' that plans its revenge against the Saiyans is revived...!

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Full Movie 2015-10-22 jillaimay 1551

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  • @PenggMC this is after the Buu saga
  • #2 - PenggMC
    what the frieza again >.< just by reading the synopsis...is this before the cell era?
  • hahahahahahaha... that last part... it really brings back memories... 10/10