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  Ancient Books of Ys

Alternative Title(s)     Ancient Books of Ys

Genre(s)     Adventure, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, Magic
Episode(s)     7
Type     OVA
Date Released     November 20 , 1989
Date Finished     September 4 , 1991
Overall Views     2503
Rating     8.5/10.00 (20) 


Adol Christen, a young man from the mainland, sails to the besieged land of Esteria in search of adventure. Esteria is being overrun by beasts under the control of the evil priest Dark Fact, and the people of the land are running out of time. However, there is a prophecy that tells of a hero from another land who will come to save Esteria -- and his name would be Adol Christen.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2012-10-29 PolPunisher 874
2 Episode 2 2012-10-29 PolPunisher 397
3 Episode 3 2012-10-29 PolPunisher 317
4 Episode 4 2012-10-29 PolPunisher 274
5 Episode 5 2012-10-29 PolPunisher 230
6 Episode 6 2012-10-29 PolPunisher 200
7 Episode 7 2012-10-29 PolPunisher 211

Comment Box

  • Fast fact: The town of Promalock would later make an appearance in the pre-Vita versions of Ys IV. The character of Slaff would also later appear in remakes of Ys I.
  • Based on the classic Nihon Falcom action RPG "Ys: Ancient Ys Vanished -Omen-" for the NEC PC-88. After reading the original PC-88 manual, this anime is very faithful to the original game
  • i truly liked it..<3
  • #1 - kaifox
    this about the game ys?