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  Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas

Alternative Title(s)     Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas
ギルティクラウン ロストクリスマス

Genre(s)     Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Super Power
Episode(s)     1
Type     OVA
Date Released     July 25 , 2012
Date Finished     July 25 , 2012
Overall Views     3087
Rating     9.11/10.00 (122) 


In 2029, Scrooge escapes from a research facility where he had been confined as an experimental subject. His body was remodeled by genetic manipulations and he uses his psychic power to kill the chasers. One day, he meets another experimental subject called Carol. When three psychic chasers hunt down the two, Carol asks Scrooge to use his right arm to extract a weapon from her body.

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Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2012-08-28 evil105 2573

Comment Box

  • #12 - sabrina
    what is this??
  • #11 - AlexanderZ
    Pretty good, but it is short. If you like the original series, then you should watch this. If you have not watched the series, then give this a try, and if you like it, then watch the series, it is good!
  • hate the ending of the original
  • #9 - StillNein
    way badassed than the main series!!
  • #8 - zheren22
    yeah that guy in ren hood mantle is definitely way better than pathethic shuu
  • #7 - zyxel1021
    maybe this OVA tells us to "go buy and play the game if you wanna know more" XD
  • #6 - mlcdl
    dafaq? Wheres the frigging connection to the series? Guess that a crappy series has a crappy OVA as well. So much for a prequel OVA that has no connection to the series.
  • #5 - novice101
    Kira-look-alike is way cooler than Shu. this should have a series of its own.
  • #4 - azrael99
    Show Spoiler
  • #3 - Pacifier
    Heard this was gonna be a game. *0*