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  Kokurikozaka Kara

Alternative Title(s)     Kokurikozaka Kara
Kokurikozaka Kara

Genre(s)     Historical, Shoujo
Type     Movie
Date Released     July 15 , 2011
Date Finished     July 15 , 2011
Overall Views     901
Rating     9.49/10.00 (39) 


The 1964 Tokyo Olympics represented a new start for Japan — out with the old Meiji-era buildings that reminded citizens of bad times, in with innovation that spoke to the future of a newly peaceful and increasingly prosperous country.

Umi, a shy teenaged girl, manages a boarding house on the Yokohama seaside. Her father was killed in the war and her mother travels constantly, so in addition to attending high school, Umi must also run the family business. Her classmate Shun, an orphan unsure of his lineage, lives with a few other students in the old high-school clubhouse, a French-style, mansion that's set to be demolished as part of the current modernization project. Shun and his schoolmates refuse to let this happen.

As much as they fear losing their shelter, they are also appalled at what they see as the erasure of their history. As the students organize a protest, Shun and Umi grow closer. What begins as a friendship develops into something deeper as these two lonely teenagers find a mutual understanding and trust. Yet when Shun starts to investigate his past, secrets emerge that threaten to tear the two apart.

(Source: Toronto International Film Festival)

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1 Full Movie 2012-07-14 mlcdl 901

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  • #4 - darkvenom
    will worth my time so i am 100% sure it will worth your time
  • arigatou~
  • For sure, I thought the story is similar or opposite to the Movie "Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa", though Tenkuu no Shiro is more on action and is related to the Sky while this one is like related to the Sea. No action though, but the story is great, g...
  • #1 - toadsage
    A touching coming of age, love drama. Drawn up in a nice clean classic anime style. worth a look if you are tired of the candy look of many of the recent type. Nice character depth - decent plot