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  Fairy Tail: Houou no Miko

Alternative Title(s)     Fairy Tail: Houou no Miko
Gekijouban Fairy Tail: Houou no Miko
劇場版 FAIRY TAIL 鳳凰の巫女

Genre(s)     Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen
Type     Movie
Date Released     August 17 , 2012
Date Finished     August 17 , 2012
Overall Views     7325
Rating     9.31/10.00 (232) 


The film revolves around a mysterious girl named Éclair who appears before Fairy Tail, the world's most notorious wizard's guild. She lost all of her memories, except for the imperative that she must deliver two Phoenix Stones somewhere. The stones may spell the collapse of the magical world, and Natsu, Lucy, and the rest of the Fairy Tail guild are caught up in the intrigue.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Full Movie 2013-04-08 FiQ5149 7325

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  • #31 - Hikari0
    the best
  • #30 - OtakuKing
    Good movie. If you like fairy tail, you should like the movie too
  • fairytail is always the best because of it i became a anime addict
  • #28 - YungArtsy
    Imma Cry Myself to Sleep Now.
  • #27 - AlexanderZ
    If you love Fairy Tail you owe it to yourself to watch this movie! I mean is it perfect? Not really there are better shounen movies out there; however since this is their very first movie I couldn%u2019t really compare it to anything other than the big th...
  • #26 - jdsel
    Video is really pixellated for me
  • Show Spoiler
  • #24 - rum123
    When does this movie come out what's the for sure date ???
  • #23 - mw3lover
    Yea No Problem Hachiban ^-^
  • #22 - hachiban08
    weird, other movies I've seen didn't take that long. I'm indifferent to it now though. Thanks for the info.