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  Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki

Alternative Title(s)     Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki
地下幻燈劇画 少女椿
Mr. Arashi`s Amazing Freak Show

Genre(s)     Drama, Historical, Horror
Type     Movie
Date Released     May 2 , 1992
Date Finished     May 2 , 1992
Overall Views     239
Rating     6.25/10.00 (8) 


After losing her parents, young flower selling Midori is put up by a fairground group. She is abused and forced to slavery, until the arrival of an enigmatic magician of short stature, who gives her hope for a better future.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Full Movie 2011-10-23 demonstar3 239

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  • #4 - zheren22
    hard to swallow this anime anyway its good nevertheless
  • This is so gooooooooooood.
  • #2 - GSMikami
  • #1 - toadsage
    I liked it a lot but NOT for the Polite or Faint hearted. H-light w. skin, rape, beasts & gore. Good but definitely NC-17. Enjoy ;^}=