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  Air Gear Special

Alternative Title(s)     Air Gear Special
Air Gear Special

Genre(s)     Shounen, Sports
Episode(s)     1
Type     Special
Date Released     March 21 , 2007
Date Finished     March 21 , 2007
Overall Views     2950
Rating     8.94/10.00 (67) 


Takes part a while after Ikki accepts Simca's offer to become the new leader of Genesis. Shows the Battle between Kogarasumaru and Potemkine. Episode takes place between 21 and 22 of the Main series

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2011-09-30 mlcdl 2950

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  • #7 - Kesoy
  • #6 - Enma Ai
    %u2665akito%u2665 kazu%u2665
  • so this is the episode 21.5.... I guess I will start downloading the manga of this one. lol
  • where can you watch the manga plz send a page in my status place or what is it again :P
  • O.O
  • #2 - killing91
    I didn't know this ep existed O.o, the first series was awesome not like that sh*ty ova, anyway manga version ftw! :p
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